Children’s Concerts

We are resuming our Children’s Concerts that were stopped throughout 2020-21 due to Covid. The first concert to be held this term is  CHILDREN FOR UKRAINE – please see below for details.

Date of next concert: 20 March 2022

Children for Ukraine

Venue: The Theatre, Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT

This concert will start at 14:30 (duration tbc)

Participation and admission are free

Sign up to play in the Children’s Concert for Ukraine and raise money for your chosen charity or volunteer group.


Please submit one form per participant. Before you start the form, you need to decide which organisation or volunteer group the participant will be raising money for and enter the link to their website or social media page in the relevant field in the form.


You can donate through our main concert fundraiser (all donations go directly to DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee, Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal) here:

You can create your own fundraising page and support any charity that works in Ukraine on Justgiving website:

You can also create your own cause on Justgiving, receive donations in your own bank account and send money to anyone you want to support (please be careful and reasonable and don’t send money to anyone you don’t know personally or through someone you trust).

About the concert

Rudolf Steiner House, the regular host of our events, generously offered its newly refubrished, state-of-the-art Theatre free of charge for the charitable Children’s Concert in aid of families affected by the war in Ukraine.

The purpose of event is to enable each participant to raise funds for victims of the war in Ukraine. You can choose the recepient from the list of recommended and trustworthy organisations and volunteer groups below or create your own fundraiser (please be aware of scammers and only send money to causes you know personally or through someone you trust).

All participants of the concert commit to report the totals they raise on the concert web page (currently being created and will be available on Facebook) – it’s important for the children to know how valuable their contribution is.

About the project

At Music of Life we recognise that it can be very difficult for families with disabled children to find opportunities for them to perform. Many venues are inaccessible, travel is costly and suitable occasions are rare. The Children’s Concerts, organised by a small and dedicated group of professional musicians and teachers, inspired and led by Music of Life’s CEO Maria Teterina, provide our beneficiaries with regular opportunities to perform in public concerts alongside able-bodied children and professional musicians in a family-friendly atmosphere.

In our concerts we welcome any child regardless of age or ability, to share their passion for music with others and enjoy the unique sense of achievement that only a live performance can bring. Children and young people with and without disabilities perform together. Professional musicians are taking part as accompanists and appear at the end of each concert with a fine (and fun!) selection of classical music.

Each concert stages up to 20 individual or ensemble performances. We accommodate the needs of all performers – from little ones playing twinkle-twinkle-little-star with one finger to conservatoire-standard players and anything in between!

What is so special about our concerts?

  • any child regardless of age or ability can share their passion for music with others
  • children and young people with and without disabilities perform together
  • there is no selection process, no membership fees to pay
  • the application process is quick and easy
  • we do anything and everything to accommodate the needs of any performer
  • there is no competition, or comparison, just loads of encouragement and support
  • in the audience, we welcome families with children of any age, including babies.

Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Closing dates for applications for each concert are shown below. Remember places are limited and so apply early to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to welcoming you to our concerts.

Adel and Karina Wilson performing at a Children’s concert

Adel and Karina Wilson have been receiving individual music lessons with Music of Life for over three years. They both play harps and piano to a high standard and also take singing lessons preparing for their Grade 8 exam in 2017. Adel and Karina have multiple disabilities, but, with amazing support of their family and a bit of help from Music of Life they manage to make astonishing progress in music. They won many awards including Duke of Edinburgh Award for Volunteering for providing music workshops in their community.