Emma is a freelance musician, educator and workshop leader. She is passionate about the importance of music education, especially singing, and wants to improve access to quality music education for all children. Emma has worked as a pianist and workshop leader with Music of Life Foundation for about 5 years working on the Midlands choirs project. She has seen this project develop and grow over that time and is more and more committed and enthusiastic about it’s immense power to change lives as time goes on!  As well as this work, Emma is the Senior Programme Manager for Apollo (a charity that seeks to improve mental health and wellbeing through the performing arts), a conductor for SC Choirs, a singing animateur for Warwickshire Sings, teaches privately, and works as a repetiteur for a number of organisations. She is an accomplished pianist and is a busy chamber musician, playing concerts and raising money for charity.

Emma studied music at Emmanuel College, Cambridge where she was also a Senior Choral Exhibitioner. She specialised in performance, music psychology and music education and these have remained her key interests to this day. Emma is a trained counsellor and a SInging for Lung Health leader, as well as currently studying Song Therapy, a discipline which combines Music Therapy skills with community music making.  Emma is also a single mum to 3 children and a very energetic Border Collie!