Lilia is 14, she has high-functioning autism, which leads to speech, language and communication problems, difficulties in social interaction, fine and gross motor skills problems, auditory processing disorder.

Lilia’s musical journey with Music of Life began over 8 years ago, and it has now become an integral part of our lives. A talented musician with varied interests, Lilia has been keen to try different instruments and style of music, as well as composition and music theory. Thoughout the past 6 years Lilia’s clarinet teacher Stephen has been the biggest and the most steady part of this journey. He has been with us through the years of musical inspirations and tantrums, always sensitive to Lilia’s emotional and behavioural needs. Stephen’s flexible approach enabled Lilia to grow into a confident clarinetist, and this is the instrument that Lilia will carry on with her into her future life. She is currently preparing for Grade 7, and being only in year 10, we envisage that the will complete her journey through the grades well before the end of secondary school.

The support of Music of Life for many aspects of Lilia’s musical development also means that she has been able to continue studying piano and music theory at the Watford School of Music, and is to sit grade 6 theory exam this term.

Music is a huge part of Lilia’s life. She is involved with numerous school orchestras and choirs, and is looking forward to the Tour of Dorset with the London Youth Wind Band this summer. We are very grateful to Stephen and Music of Life for giving Lilia the skills to be able to fulfil her dreams.

– Lilia’s Mother, March 2022