Lilia is 8, she has high-functioning autism, which leads to speech, language and communication problems, difficulties in social interaction, fine and gross motor skills problems, auditory processing disorder.

She has been taking lessons with two Music of Life teachers for 2 years. She has been making steady progress both musically and tackling many challenges presented by her condition.

I would say the overall progress is due to playing both the piano and the recorder, although physical aspect of improving fine motor skills and body control I would attribute to the piano playing and also the fact that with Music of Life’s teacher, Lilia has been able to practice for up to half an hour every day at home, and sometimes longer at weekends, plus about 15 mins of recorder daily.

Apart from the fact that she prefers to play the recorder (probably because it is easier for her), it has given her the opportunity to join in musical activities when a mobile musical instrument is a benefit – like playing at school for her class, and taking part in a talent show during the holidays, and also playing with an accompanist, all of that helps Lilia’s socialisation, communication skills and making her feel a part of a community, and the community showing appreciation for Lilia’s playing. We are grateful to Music of Life for giving us an opportunity to do both.

– Lilia’s Mother, June 2015

Lilia now plays three different instruments having picked up clarinet with Music of Life teacher a few months ago, and she is making the most amazing progress. She enjoys appearing in concerts and impressing audiences with an array of her musical skills!