Coronavirus statement

Last updated: 14 April 2021

Music of Life has been lucky enough to be able to pursue its work and find ways of doing so safely throughout the pandemic. We are committed to continuing provision of our music making services to all our students and supporting them as well as their families, carers and schools during these difficult times.

Despite the fact that we are of course restricted in how we deliver our services, we feel the charity is in a very strong position to continue to fulfill its mission during lockdowns and various stages of restrictions. We are privileged to be working with incredibly creative, talented professional musicians, workshop leaders and teachers who have been able to quickly adapt to the new way of working and welcome the challenge to create high-quality, engaging educational content that can be used remotely.

We are also in the fortunate position to have strong relationships with our partners – local authorities, music hubs, youth ensembles and special needs schools.

This powerful combination has enabled us to capitalise on available technology and develop and implement musical activities online. By exploiting available digital platforms, we deliver our tailored approach to specific needs and ensure our programmes continue to be beneficial, enjoyable and accessible to our students.

To maintain our high safety standards, all our teachers have completed online safety training. Our new Online Safety Policy ( and Online Safety Consent Form ( are designed to provide comprehensive and up-to-date guidance to both teachers and students.

In summary, we do everything we can to continue to engage our students in music-making and we are immensely grateful to all our existing funders, who encourage us to carry on and adapt our work using some of the current grants in order to work remotely with as many students as possible. We also greatly welcome the opportunities to apply for various emergency funds specifically aimed at funding the unexpected costs related to Covid-19.

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Thank you.