Advisory Council

Music of Life Advisory Council was established in early 2021. The role and purpose of the Advisory Council is to provide advice and guidance to the Board of Trustees of the Music of Life Foundation to support the development of the charity’s strategy, policy and activity and to influence the direction of its work. This includes the identification of future priorities and opportunities to be pursued integrating expertise across current best practices in the field, research, data and possible collaborative partnerships.

In particular, the functions of the Advisory Council include:

•            Advice on strategic direction – with guidance on improving the Charity’s existing programmes/ interventions

•            Advice on developments and current policy in the field – by identifying charities engaged in similar work, parallel developments and initiatives in the education of special needs children generally

•            Advice on improved methodology – for assessing the impact used for testing and validating the Charity’s work

•            Advice on scientific evidence/research – to increase the scientific underpinning of the Charity’s work and to support its growth as it seeks to reach a greater number of students and schools

•            Advice on new priority areas to address – with recommended actions or interventions to develop new programmes based on specialist knowledge of the field


Sophie GrayHead of Inclusion, Services for Education, Birmingham

Evangelos Himonides – Professor of Technology, Education and Music, UCL

Julian Knight – Creative Director, Creative Futures

Katie Mason – Postdoctoral Researcher, Language and Cognition, UCL

Adam Ockelford – Professor of Music, Roehampton University and Founder, Amber Trust

Callum Russell – Disability Consultant, Crystal Eyes

Peter Smalley – CEO Northampton Music and Performing Arts Trust

Lorella Terzi – Professor of Philosophy of Education Research Centre, University of Roehampton

Graham Welch – Professor & Chair of Music Education, UCL Institute of Education

Rachel Wolffsohn – General Manager OHMI Trust